Resources for Writers


Links to some pretty cool resources for fiction writers. The list focuses on SF, but much applies to any genre.

Inspiration and Information

  1. David Farland (aka Dave Wolverton) maintains an email list for writers called the “Daily Kick in the Pants.”  You can subscribe via a link on his website.

  2. Ursula K. Le Guin put some bits about writing on her website, including excerpts from her excellent Steering the Craft.

  3. Steven Barnes maintains a website on integrating writing with your life, which he calls Lifewriting (makes sense, doesn’t it?). He sells course materials, but he also has free articles on his website and maintains an email list for writers, which you can subscribe to via his site.

  4. Beginnings, Middles & Ends by Nancy Kress provides a short, focused guide to the different sections of a work of fiction, with excellent writing exercises for each area. I recommend very few writing books — it’s so much better to just write than to read about writing — but I recommend this one.

  5. provides a searchable list of literary agents by genre. If you have a completed and polished novel, and you’re ready to query agents, this site is a good resource.

  6. I Should Be Writing is Mur Lafferty’s podcast aimed at fiction writers in the early stages of their careers.  She answers listener questions, gives pep talks, and interviews industry pros.

  7. Writing Excuses is a Hugo-award winning podcast. It provides short, themed episodes on all aspects of writing.

Market Listings

  1. Ralan Conley maintains a website with market listings, focused mainly on SF.

  2. Duotrope’s Digest contains a searchable market listing and has tools to help one track submissions.  Sadly, this became a for-pay site, so some have migrated to the Grinder.

  3. The Grinder tracks various fiction markets and their submission return times.

  4. Abra Staffin Wiebe maintains a market list spreadsheet on her website.

  5. Livejournal’s SpecFicMarkets community often features posts with links to new markets.

  6. Douglas Smith maintains a foreign SF market list.


  1. The Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Workshop changed my life in countless positive ways.  Spend six intense weeks writing, reading, and critiquing.

  2. The Clarion West Writers Workshop has done the same for many other folks. Spend six equally intense weeks writing, reading, and critiquing.

  3. The Cascade Writers conference (née Writers’ Weekend) includes a Clarion-style workshop, plus it’s a great place for schmoozing and talking shop with other writers.